15 October 2011

All Wrapped Up

3rd attempt at a fondant cake.

Settled on a simple design. Or so I thought.
It looks simple.
But sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to do perfect, don't you agree.

First, I added too much water when microwaving the marshmallows. So I ended up with fondant that was too moist.

I made the bow and tail ends in advance, so it would have time to dry and set up. But when I was moving the bow, the tip of one of the tail ends broke.
Fortunately, I still have some leftover fondant in the same shade.

Now I have a profound appreciation of fondant cake decorators. Each element you see on the cake is made by the delicate hands of an artist.

Practice makes perfect.
And I'm determined to get those straight edges and sharp corners.

For the fun of it, since I had a little fondant left, I made a little flower.
My hubby calls it a purple chrysanthemum...

Till the next fondant project...


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