28 February 2013

Danish Butter Cookies

I've been busy. Very busy. 
Ok, maybe just a tad bit lazy. 

My last post was in October last year!!  (*gasps in horror*)

What have I been up to?
Since my last post, there was the holiday in Bangkok (too much eating).
Then the work trip to Hong Kong (more food, and 'looting' at Twins Co., Hong Kong's Phoon Huat equivalent). 
And then there was Christmas (more food), New Year (more food), Chinese New Year (more food). 
And then a week in Melbourne (omg, more food again!).  

Ok, I need to slow down (on food). Take it easy for a while and maybe detox a little. 
But then Alan of Travelling Foodies had to post his sinfully gorgeous photos of his perfect Danish Butter Cookies and throw my diet detox plan totally off course!

My first attempt at his recipe actually didn't turn out too well. The butter was not soft enough so I ended up with a really stiff batter that almost gave me a broken wrist trying to pipe the batter.

This time round, I let the butter soften sufficiently and it worked its magic! I didn't even use a mixer! Just some good old elbow grease :) 

Now, since I'm on my diet detox plan, I halved his recipe. But because I didn't want to have half an egg leftover, I took Alan's advice and replaced the half egg with 25g butter. It worked perfectly! Eggless cookies!!

adapted from Travelling Foodies

125g butter, softened 
60g icing sugar 
165g flour 
1-2 tbs vanilla extract

Put all ingredients into a bowl. 
With a wooden spoon, stir everything together till well combined. 
Transfer to a cookie press (or cookie gun) and pipe onto baking tray. 
Bake at 190*C for 10 min. 
Remove from oven and let the cookies cool on the tray for a few minutes before transferring to a cooling rack. 
When cool, store in an airtight container.

How not to be tempted by this?

Thank you to Alan of Travelling Foodies, who tempted me with his gorgeous photos, shared this fabulous recipe, and patiently helped me troubleshoot when my first attempt at these cookies didn't turn out quite so well. 

* * * * * * *