06 February 2012

and the Versatile Blogger award goes to...

My heartfelt thanks to Edith of pReCiouS MoMentS who sent me with this award. 
Now I really have to move my lazy butt and get back to blogging more often...

In return, I'm proud to present this award to another 10 awesome bloggers. 
I would be honoured if you'd accept the award and pass it on to another 10 bloggers. 

 Hope you enjoy their blogs as much as I have. 

01 February 2012

Cookie Cutters are not just for cookies

In a blink of an eye, a month has passed.
I realised that my last entry was just after Christmas!
How time flies...

Hope everyone had a good start to 2012 and an indulgent lunar new year!!

I haven't really baked much in the last month, other than a couple of chiffon cakes and some almond cookies.

I feel bad about neglecting my baking tools.

So I thought I'd use my cookie cutters to make some cute li'l french toasts.

I hope to get back to my usual baking frequency soon.
And back to blogging more often.
Hope you guys have not forgotten about me...