27 February 2011

I got feet!

I am just so thrilled that I finally got feet on my 3rd attempt!  I had almost given up on making macs till I saw Quizzine's Chocolate Macarons and was tempted to give it one more try.

I'm glad I did, cos I finally got feet feet feet!

In fact, I got more than feet...  I got nipples too!  LOL!!

Well, I still have a long way to go with macs.  But this is a very encouraging step for me.  For those of you who are still looking for a recipe that works for you, do give Quizzine's recipe a try.

And if you are wondering why I only have these pics of the half macs, it's because the big boy in house finished it all before I could take any photos. (I filled the macs with nutella; that's why they disappeared in a flash!)

20 February 2011

Green Tea Cake with Azuki Beans

Soft, fluffy, moist matcha cake, layered with azuki beans and freshly whipped cream, topped with a generous sprinkling of matcha powder. 

Now, that describes my vision of a perfect green tea cake. But, alas, reality bites...

I used a genoise recipe for the cake. And although it appeared to be rather moist, it was actually on the drier side. Maybe more butter/milk next time. If that works, I'll post the recipe. In the meantime, just pictures...

It also pays to have patience when it comes to slicing your cakes.
Learn a lesson from me... for cakes with whipped cream, chill them till firm before slicing. Otherwise, you get a mess like my cake...

19 February 2011

Triple Berry Cake

Have a great weekend, everyone!!

Thanks to Jess & Cathy

It's always nice to receive gifts. 
And what's more amazing is when you receive gifts 
from new friends you barely know and have yet to meet in person. 

This morning, I received a pretty package from Jess of j3ss kitchen.  
I love the pink and purple blossoms on the wrapper, and the purple ribbon to match!

Can you guess what it is?

It's a tin of home made dulce de leche
OMG! This is an amazing gift! 
Thank you so much, Jess  :)

Many thanks also goes to Cathy of Cathy's Joy for delivering this lovely gift to me.  
And for the many bakes that you've shared with me.  
Every time I remind myself to take pics of your bakes, but it's gone before I get the chance to... 

17 February 2011

Mini Cupcakes for a birthday boy

Classic back-to-basics cupcakes for a special little boy:

Mini vanilla cupcakes with swiss meringue buttercream frosting 
and marshmallow fondant alphabets.

(What a mouthful for a so-called 'basic' cupcake. LOL!)

15 February 2011

Rustic Strawberry Cake

Just for fun, I made a mini strawberry cake, and decorated it in rustic style.
What do you all think?

Pineapple Cheesecake on a peanut sesame crust

Friend K: Can you make a cheesecake with CNY flavours?
Me: Hmm... how about cheesecake with pineapple jam topping and a peanut crust?
Friend K: OK, but can you also add sesame to the crust?

So here it is... a CNY-inspired cheesecake. 

14 February 2011

Coconut Cake Truffles

To all my friends, fans and readers,  may this Valentine's be a lovely one for you. 

To make about 20 truffles:
80-120g plain chocolate (according to preference)
small knob of butter
130g cake crumbs
some coconut flakes

You don't really have to be accurate with these ingredients. Just rough estimates will do. 

Making the truffles:
1 - Melt the chocolate and butter bain marie. Stir till smooth, then remove from heat.
2 - Pour over cake crumbs and mix well.
3 - Roll mixture into small balls.  If mixture is too soft, chill in the fridge for a while till it firms up.
4 - Toss the balls into coconut flakes to coat.
5 - For coloured coconut flakes, mix a few drops of colouring into some coconut and mix well. 
6 - Place in paper cases and chill till ready to serve.

For more cake truffles ideas, check out my previous posts: