19 February 2011

Thanks to Jess & Cathy

It's always nice to receive gifts. 
And what's more amazing is when you receive gifts 
from new friends you barely know and have yet to meet in person. 

This morning, I received a pretty package from Jess of j3ss kitchen.  
I love the pink and purple blossoms on the wrapper, and the purple ribbon to match!

Can you guess what it is?

It's a tin of home made dulce de leche
OMG! This is an amazing gift! 
Thank you so much, Jess  :)

Many thanks also goes to Cathy of Cathy's Joy for delivering this lovely gift to me.  
And for the many bakes that you've shared with me.  
Every time I remind myself to take pics of your bakes, but it's gone before I get the chance to... 


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