11 September 2010

Craisin Nut Bread

I've been wanting to try a fruit and nut wholemeal loaf for a while. So when I stumbled upon a wholemeal bread pre-mix, I decided I'd give it a try. After all, the instructions looked pretty easy - mix the flour and yeast (included in pack), add water, knead, proof for an hour, then bake. 

So while kneading, I added cranberries + raisins = craisins, and some pumpkin and sunflower seeds. 

While the flavour was great (the fruits and nuts really jazzed up the bread), the texture left much to be desired - it was dense and heavy. Perhaps it was because the dough was proofed only once. But then, I followed instructions...

Oh well, next time, I'm going back to my good ol' traditional bread recipe, and take time to proof it twice. Lesson learnt: no short cuts to good baking. You just have to be patient; short cuts don't get you good results.


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