07 November 2010

Amarula Truffles

Have you ever baked something that didn't quite turn out looking the way you had hoped?

Well, a week ago I made a batch of chocolate cupcakes. I think the temperature was too high and it became volcanoes! Yes - volcanoes! The top crusted too soon and the liquid centres started oozing out of the crust, forming odd looking lumps around the cake. It was awful, just awful. The taste was good, but it was just not presentable enough as cupcakes. 

So I set it aside, not wanting to waste the whole batch. I googled "leftover cake recipes" and found some ideas on how to use cake crumbs. So in to the food processor went the cupcakes, and out came a load of cake crumbs. In to the freezer it went till today...

To make about 20 truffles:
80-120g plain chocolate (according to preference)
small knob of butter
2 tbs amarula
130g cake crumbs
20g ground nuts (peanuts, almonds, walnuts, etc)
cocoa powder and/or ground nuts (for coating)

You don't really have to be accurate with these ingredients. Just rough estimates will do. 

Making the truffles:
1 - Melt the chocolate and butter bain marie. Stir till smooth, then remove from heat. 
2 - Add amarula and mix well.
3 - Stir in cake crumbs and nuts and mix well. Add a little extra amarula if the mixture is too stiff.
4 - Roll mixture into small balls and place them on a sheet of baking paper. Chill in the fridge till firm.
5 - Roll the balls in cocoa powder or ground nuts till well coated. 
6 - Place in paper cases and chill till ready to serve.



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I made these b4 as well :)

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