13 November 2010

More Recipe Books

I never buy books, since I don't like reading. Except for books on baking, cooking and knitting. But this month alone, I've bought 4 books! 2 from last week's MPH sale, and another 2 from this weekend's Borders sale.

At $5 (UP$23.90) for a book with more than 100 tried-and-tested recipes, 
I think it's a pretty good deal  :)


Another book that caught my eye was this one on garnishing. To me, food is as much an art as it is a science. And a nicely decorated dish only enhances its taste. So at $5 for 128 pages, I grabbed it! 

It covers everything from tools of trade, vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, dairy, sauces, chocolate...

Every page is bursting with colour! 
This one below shows the countless ways a tomato can be used as a garnish.  

Cucumbers  ~  Carrots & Zucchini  ~  Eggs 

Chocolate  ~  Marzipan 

Okay, enough of the crap.

This is the REAL reason why I bought this book:


Passionate About Baking said...

Woah! What great indulgence! I can't wait for you to try out the recipes and share with us! Will you? :p

NEL, the batter baker said...

Hi Jane,
Of course I will share. But Bakertan just told me that he also has one of the books, and he tried out 4 recipes and he gave all of them the thumbs down. Oh well... if I do try them out, will report the results :)

Sheryl said...

Wah! Is the borders sale still on. Haha I don't read books too except baking/cooking books. HAHAHA I find other books too boring...

NEL, the batter baker said...

The sale was only last weekend. But you didn't miss much. I was told the book on cupcakes and cheesecakes is not great - the recipes need a lot of tweaking. Anyway, these bookstores are always on sale. Look out for ads or sign up for their mailing lists and you'll be the first to know if there's a sale :)

meinekueche said...

wowwww...lots of recipe books...can't wait to be shared on your blog...

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