31 July 2011

My other hobby....

Besides baking and cooking, my other loves include knitting and sewing.

Looks like I'm born in the wrong era, wrong country.  I should be a country girl living on a farm!  LOL.  I wouldn't mind, really.  Except that I would still need the internet :)

I've been wanting to get a nice holder to store all those plastic bags we collect from our grocery shopping.  But as I couldn't find a nice and cheap one, I decided to convert an old skirt with lovely prints to a simple holder.

Grabbed my old skirt from the "to donate" box, tailor's chalk, scissors, and sewing machine.  A quick measure, snip, and stitch... voila!  Stuff the plastic bags from the top, and when you need one, pull it from the bottom end.

One skirt was perfect for two of these.  Now I have two pretty (and cheap) plastic bag holders.

Now what else can I recycle....



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