16 August 2011

August POP (Pig-out Party)

And so the day finally arrived.

Saturday 13 August 2011.

The much-anticipated gathering for fellow baking enthusiasts in Singapore.
Hopefully in the future, we'll see more bloggers joining in the fun. Or perhaps even those from other parts of the world who might be in Singapore. It's always nice catching up with familiar faces, putting faces to blogs, and meeting new friends who share the same passion.

Taking pictures of food at these parties is always an agonising moment. Only because the pictures have to be taken before we all dig in, and with all the deliciousness in front of you, it's really a test of endurance. With 11 cameras and 17 dishes, that's a whopping grand total of 187 shots to get through before you can dig in... absolute torture!!!  LOL  :)

Inevitably, with so many dishes, and with the impatience to tuck into the yummy food, there's always one or two shots that get away. And sometimes it's cos of trembling hands (from the excitement of seeing all the mouth-watering dishes) that result in blurry pictures, so I've had to borrow some pictures.

OK, enough yakking.
I won't torture you anymore.
Now feast your eyes...

* Just click on the pictures below to get to their blogs.

picture courtesy of Tested and Tasted

picture courtesy of Kitchen Corner

picture courtesy of Kitchen Corner

Thanks to everyone who took time off their crazy schedules to cook/bake for this POP.
To those who couldn't make it, hope to see you at the next one. 

Special thanks to Jo for letting us in to her lovely home. 
Hope we didn't leave too many crumbs behind  :P 



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