20 March 2011

Saffron Fried Rice

My blog buddy, KL, gave me some a lot of saffron she bought from her recent trip to Bali.  I'm not very familiar with saffron; only that when it's cooked with rice, it gives the most amazing aroma, flavour and colour to the rice.

To prepare the saffron, soak it in hot water for at least half hour to release it's flavour and colour.  Then use the liquid as you would in your usual recipe.  Today, it's going into my fried rice lunch :)  

Here's what I put in my fried rice...

And, of course, rice...

Garnish with a few crisp curry leaves, and it's ready!

I may not be blogging much for a while.  My donation drive received such overwhelming response that I think I will be baking with whatever free time I have.  But I will do a bumper post soon when most of the orders have been fulfilled.  It will be a post with lots and lots of pictures!


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