14 March 2011

This is not a pie

Why did my scones become wedges?  There is a good reason...

I started making scones this morning; measuring the ingredients, following the steps I'm used to.  But when all the ingredients were combined, I wondered why my dough was so wet and mushy.  Something was not right...

I looked back at my recipe and realised I had only measured out half the required flour!!  Goodness, how did that happen?  No wonder the dough was wet and mushy.

So I added more flour and continued kneading the dough, but it remained a sticky mass.  So I thought: "OK, maybe the butter melted. Let the dough spend some time in the fridge and that should do the trick."  Right?  Wrong.  The dough was still sticky and impossible to cut.

I really didn't want to throw out the dough, so I pulled out my pie pan and decided to give it a shot - pressed the dough into the pie pan and sent it to the oven.  15 minutes later, I got a huge scone!

Actually, I'm kinda liking how these scones look.  Next time, I might just use my pie pan again to make scones  :)

Scone Wedges  
60g butter, cold
130g cake or plain flour
15g sugar (or up to 40g for sweet scones)
2 tsp baking powder
pinch of salt
100ml milk or whipping cream (or 1 egg + milk/cream to make 100ml)

Combine all dry ingredients.
Cut or blitz butter into flour mixture till it resembles bread crumbs.
Add milk/cream and mix till just combined.
Knead very gently till dough comes together.
Cut into rounds or press into a pie pan.
Bake at 190*C; 12 min for rounds, 15 min in pie pan.


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