13 June 2011

DC Cupcakes

How time flies!  It's been more than a month since my last entry.  And there is a reason...  I was on my annual long haul vacation.  This year, I ventured to the East Coast of USA: New York and Washington DC.

Have you heard of DC Cupcakes?  It's famous!
So I had to try... They look so enticing, don't they?

My cousins and I bought 2 dozen cupcakes.  Yes, that's 24 cupcakes!!  For a whopping US$60!!

I loved the cream cheese frosting.  It was smooth and creamy, with the right amount of sweet and tang.  The decorations were superbly done and so very pretty.  But I was rather disappointed when I sank my teeth into the cake... it was dry and just average tasting.  No wonder my little niece just eats the frosting.

My favourite flavour was the Chocolate Coconut.  I love the combination!  The tropical sweetness of the coconut flakes paired perfectly with rich chocolate.  I reckon I could attempt to re-create this flavour?  But tell me.... where do I find coconut flakes in Singapore?


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