20 November 2011

lovely gifts from a lovely friend

It's always a nice feeling to receive gifts.
And when it's least expected from a dear friend, it makes it even more heart-warming.

I'm sure many of you have heard of Donna Hay and seen the lovely items from her store. If you're lucky enough, you may even have had the chance to visit the store down under. For me, for now, I can only lust over the pretty things from my laptop...

Knowing how crazy passionate I am about baking, my dear friend who was back briefly from Australia, got me some goodies from Donna Hay.

When she passed me the gift, I could not believe what I saw...
It was a Donna Hay gift bag!!!  The gorgeous deep brown bag with a perfectly matched pretty blue ribbon. 

What did she get for me?
Oh, anything from Donna Hay would make me smile :)

A pair of pretty blue pot holders that double up as mittens!
How cool!

And... and... that's not all...
She got me those signature DH cupcake papers as well!!

Oh, I can't wait to use them!  So very pretty!
Yet, at the same time, I can't bear to use them, cos they are just so gorgeous.
They'll be saved for special occasions :)

Thank you so so much for these lovely thoughtful gifts, Sandra :)
And congratulations to you!!  *wink*


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