13 August 2010

Eggless Double Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

Many muffin recipes require one egg and a huge amount of flour, enough to make 12 mega size muffins.  Well, huge to me anyway.  And since there are only two of us at home, halving the recipe is tricky because... how do you halve an egg? And what do I do with the other half?

So I decided I would attempt the recipe without the egg, reduce the flour a little, add a bit more liquid, and see what happens.

The results were a pleasant surprise ~ moist, fluffy muffins; almost like cupcakes. Best of all, it's cholesterol free!


Unknown said...

Like the strong choco color.

Bakericious said...

Nel, the cupcaks look so chocolately and moist, must b very yummy

NEL, the batter baker said...

thanks for dropping by again :) the strong choc colour is because the cocoa was dissolved first. If it's just mixed with the flour, the colour will be much lighter.

Thanks for the kind words :) I added loads of choc chip, so that contributed to the yummyness. Do give this recipe a try. It really is not bad.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nel, thanks so much for the recipe. I love the idea of eggless muffin - one less item that I need not feel guilty of eating too much!

the problem i had making mine today is that it's so fluffy that it crumbles. I don't know what's wrong. yours look much denser than mine. The two deviations I did was a) using 1 full cup of flour (about 120g) instead 110g and b) probably about 50g chocolate (no chocolate chips, hence creatively cut off choc blocks).

what do you think the reason could be?

thanks heaps :) i'm looking forward to browse more recipes here.

NEL, the batter baker said...

Thanks for giving my recipe a try.
This is the funny thing about baking, isn't it? Same recipe, 100 bakers, 100 different outcomes. It sounds like your muffins turned out a little dry... here are some possible reasons:

- Too much flour. This could have caused the batter to be drier. And if baking time was not reduced, it's likely that you'd have gotten a drier cake. The chocolate substitution is unlikely to have made a difference. Try less than 1 cup next time.

- Temperature too high. Everyone's oven is different. You may need to lower the temperature. Try 180*C next time. If that's still too dry, drop it another 10*C.

- Baking time too long. Again, everyone's oven is different. And with chocolate cake, it's really difficult to tell when it's just done. A good indication is when you start smelling the chocolate, it may be time to check if it's done.

- Too much baking powder. This could have caused the fluffiness. Try using less next time and see if that solves the mystery.

Hope this helps.
Even though the texture wasn't quite what you expected, I hope you still liked the taste of this recipe. Do let me know how your next try goes.
Good luck!

sherly said...

Thank you, I think the culprit could be the baking powder. I didn't reduce the baking time, instead it was 10-15mins longer -the cupcakes raised over the muffin tray, but wasn't baked (still gooey).
I'll definitely try again - they taste wonderful. Now i'm just waiting for my husband to come home so that I don't gain weight alone ;)

muchos gracias!

Passionate About Baking said...

Thanks very much for sharing this recipe with me! I made it and it was really moist and chocky! Can you beileve I made 4x this recipe, which allows me to make 132 mini ones? Hahaha... It was truly nice, and effortless! :)

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