14 August 2010

the batter bakeware collection (nel's)

I thought it'd be fun to share my collection of bakeware with you.
It's been only about 20 months since I started baking, so my collection is a small and humble one, all packed into a tiny 12x18" space.

(Sorry for the bad photo. I was lazy and used my BB to take this pic.)

From left:
  • Large 14" stoneware plate from Ikea (this one's not for baking; it's for serving)
  • 3 non-stick baking trays (1 from Robinsons, 2 inherited from my MIL). I use round trays cos my oven is a convection microwave.
  • 11" cake pan, specifically bought for water bath technique (from Phoon Huat)
  • 9.5" non-stick springform pan (from Robinsons)
From centre bottom:
  • 10x7x2.75" glass loaf pan (the white one; from my mom)
  • 9x5.5x2.75" Pyrex glass loaf dish (also from my mom)
  • 8.5x4x2.5" non-stick loaf pan (from MIL; it sits nicely hidden in the Pyrex)
  • 8" square non-stick brownie pan (from Robinsons)
  • 8" round non-stick cake pan (from MIL)
  • 8" round aluminium cake pan (from MIL)
  • 6" square springform pan (from Phoon Huat)
  • 8" chiffon pan (from Phoon Huat)
From right:
  • Non-stick cooling rack (from Takashimaya)
  • 9.5" non-stick tart pan with removable base (from Sun Lik)
  • Rectangle aluminium tray (from mom)
  • 6-cup non-stick muffin tray (from Robinsons)
  • 12 Wilton silicone cups (from Phoon Huat)
Right behind the cooling rack is also a thin plastic 'chopping board' that I use as a non-stick base for rolling dough. I can't wait till my silicone mats arrive from the USA end of this month :)

There's more I wanna share...

There's this cool springform pan I saw on ebay. It has a glass base and silicone sides, so all you need to do is detach the sides once your cake is done, and serve it right on the glass base! It costs about US$37 (S$52) including shipping to Singapore. (That means S$52 out from my KitchenAid fund.) So I guess this will be on my wish list for now....

Take a look at this pretty mould below...
Have you used this type of silicone moulds for cakes?
I'm not sure if it will work for sponge / chiffon / butter cakes. If you've baked with this type of pans before, please let me know how your cake turned out?

Finally, I just wanted to show you all a picture of the KitchenAid I like so much. The monotone colour scheme fits in perfectly with my black & white kitchen. One day, it will have it's place on my kitchen counter. One day.


Bakertan said...

Hey NEL,

What a coincidence! We started out baking at about the same time.

Some of your bakeware sounds expensive, especially the ones from takashimaya and robinsons. My metalware are mainly from Phoon Huat. The only non stick bakewares I have are my cupcake tin and my springform tins.

The glass base of the silicone springform pan sounds delicate. I wouldnt dare to use it.

Hope you get your KitchenAid soon. Seems like a dream to own one for most homebakers. If I were to get one, I will get the green one for sure, haha,

cheers and have a happy weekend =]

NEL, the batter baker said...

Hi Bakertan,

All my bakeware is really economical. All the Robinsons pieces were bought when they were on 20%+20% sale, which means all of them were less than $10 each. Even the cooling rack from Taka was 20% off, so it was less than $10 too! The most expensive piece is probably the Wilton silicone cups from Phoon Huat, but well worth it at just over $10 :)

I saw your Golden Delicious Apples post. It looks delicious, and the texture of the cake looks so good. Wish I could have a slice...

I think we have the same weighing scale, cos I recognise the plastic bowl!

WendyinKK said...

I've been eyeing that glass based pan too. Hehehe.

I saw your comment in another blog regardin herbs, I'm having a big pot of rosemary on my balcony now. In Hot Sunny Malaysia. It's been there for few weeks now and doing great. If you ever see some for sale, do try to grab a pot. It'll grow.

NEL, the batter baker said...

The glass pan is so cool, right! I went back to the auction to take a look again, and it's no longer on discount :( So this one really KIV for now. What about you? Are you going to get it? Is it available in Malaysia?

Thanks for your tip on the rosemary. I will definitely try! I love rosemary, esp with foccacia :) Last time I tried dill and basil, both withered and died so quickly. I got rather discouraged.

Sherynn @ myBakez said...

hi NEL,
I saw the silicon flower mould @ JB for RM22 onli ;-) but I bought only the normal cupcake & the heart-shape mould from the same series.

I tried baking sponge cake with the mould b4 but the sad to say that the cake was torn as soon as I try to get them off the mould... have to be really slow and careful i guess (which I'm not =P ) in the end, i only use them to make agar-agar and chocolate :D

let me know if u r interested to get the flower mould still... i go JB almost every other week one ;-)

NEL, the batter baker said...

Hi Sherynn,
Thanks for the kind offer. I just ordered the flower mould from ebay :) Can't wait to receive it in the mail. (The price in JB still cheaper leh! Next time I ask you to help lah.) Did you wait for the sponge cake to cool before unmoulding? Or you could try a butter cake recipe instead next time. i will try out my mould and post the result on my blog, so look out for it!

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