15 January 2011

Cinnamon Rolls

Lesson learnt :: Never watch Food Network Channel when you need to mind the timer on your oven.

The consequence :: Overbaked cinnamon rolls.

Fortunately, it didn't reach the point of no return. With just a slightly overdone crisp crust, the cinnamon rolls still turned out yummy. Especially when they're fresh from the oven and still warm.

This recipe is from Joy of Baking. The only change I made was the temperature. I baked at 180*C instead of 190*C, since I used a dark pan. Surprisingly, the sugar level was just ok. It was sweet, as how you would expect a cinnamon roll to be, but not too sweet. If you're not a fan of butter, then cut down the butter for the filling. Otherwise, after about 5 minutes in the oven, you'll be hit with the aroma of butter and cinnamon. Hmmm... what a heavenly scent!

I'll let my pictures do the talking... Gonna grab another roll for myself now :)


Honey Bee Sweets said...

Overbaked? Still look yummy to me! And yes, I love the smell of baked cinnamon buns too. :)

Passionate About Baking said...

Ooh...this was on my mind last week when I was thinking of baking some breads! Unfortunately, I didn't bake it. And here you are, with this tempting cinnamon rolls!! It looks mini to me. Can just pop one into the mouth? Yummy!

CaThY said...
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CaThY said...

It still looks good & yummy to me. I love your cinnamon buns =)

Jean said...

i think overbaking actually made the buns even more yummy! i like crispy burnt tops hahaha

busygran said...

They so scrumptious! Can settle a piece with a cup of tea!

Edith said...

Overbaked? where? Looks yummy to me.

NEL, the batter baker said...

Thank you all for leaving your comments :) This recipe was easier than I thought, and I'm glad I attempted it. Will definitely be trying it again soon, and next time, I'll be sure not to get distracted while it's in the oven.

@ Jane,
I guess you can consider it minis, although you prob need 3-4 bites to finish it. I used 1/3 the recipe from JoB and it gave me 10 of these small rolls. The good thing is that it bakes real fast - so you save time and money :) Next time round, I'll try even more mini ones. Hope to see your version soon.

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