11 January 2011

Mini Marble Chiffon Cheesecake

Another attempt at marbling.
This time with a chiffon version of cheesecake.  I revisited an earlier classic chiffon cheesecake recipe I used, but the results were rather disappointing.

You see, the cake rose tall and beautiful while baking.  But once it was done, and I let it cool gradually in the oven with door ajar, it deflated so much (like half the height) that it caused the cake to be so uneven.

What went wrong?  Did I overbeat the egg whites till they were too stiff??

Oh well, what the heck!  The marbling still turned out pretty nice (I'm shameless, haha) and it still tasted good.  At LEAST it still tasted good.


Unknown said...

I think they are quite adorable

Captainmista said...

Apprreciate you blogging this

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