14 January 2011

Mini Milk Bread

This is my second loaf of milk bread this week. The crust for this bread is very soft, like those little buns sold in local bakeries.

The only difference is that I replaced the bread flour with top flour which has supposed to be extra fine and has an extra soft texture. It is usually for soft fluffy chiffon cake or cookies.

I cut three slits on the bread before the final proofing, just for the aesthetics of it.

Freshly baked, out of my favourite shocking pink silicone bakeware.

Time to tuck in!


MaryMoh said...

Wow...that looks really soft! Would be so nice toasted and spread with butter and coconut jam...mmmm.

CaThY said...

Wow, looks so soft. Yummy! *^_^*

NEL, the batter baker said...

Looks so super soft and fluffy! Was this what I missed today?? :(

KL said...

Thanks folks! This is the first time I am using top flour instead of high protein bread flour. Anyone ever experimented with different types of flour for bread?

Nel, yes you did! Missed 3 nicely sliced pieces in all! :0

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